Hello, I am Carolina

A serial entrepreneur, coach, and consultant with a clear purpose:

Supporting founders and leaders in their personal growth, enabling them to make significant progress in their startups, companies, and organizations.

About me

Over the past decade, I have had the privilege of founding 5 companies and non-profit organizations in key sectors such as education, social impact, and technology. The mission behind each of these projects was to drive positive change through innovation.
My background is multidisciplinary. I began my academic journey with studies in Industrial Engineering in Computing. This solid foundation has allowed me to understand complex systems and find creative solutions to technological challenges.
My learning continued with participation in multiple programs focused on personal development, social impact, and exponential technologies. This combination of technical knowledge and human development has given me an integral perspective on the crucial role of personal growth in the sustainable success of companies and the well-being of individuals.

With the CarolinaArce.com team, we have already helped over 1,000 individuals learn to lead with emotional strength.

Using a methodology based on scientific evidence, participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to change their mindset and enhance their emotional intelligence

With ImpactUs, we accelerate social impact with a focus on childhood through innovation. More than 25,000 children, young people, teachers, and families from vulnerable communities have had access to world-class platforms that are helping to close social and environmental gaps.

uPlanner.com supports higher education leaders in overcoming their challenges through data-driven and artificial intelligence-based solutions.
More than 2 million students from 20 countries receive higher quality education.


Ingeniosas, a non-profit organization, seeks to promote STEM careers among girls and young women in Latin America. More than 50,000 girls and young women have participated in the programs to date.


Girls in Tech Chile, a non-profit social organization that is no longer active, we helped reduce the gender gap in technology. This community was the starting point for Ingeniosas.


+20 Countries

I co-founded a Series A+ startup with a presence in more than 20 countries.

3 Countries

I co-founded a social enterprise with a presence in 3 countries.


I am part of the board of directors of a corporation that seeks to increase the national and international projection of other science and technology-based companies.

From SME to Startup

I led the process of transforming the SME of which I was a partner into a high-growth startup.

+75.000 PEOPLE

I have led initiatives with a social impact reaching more than 75,000 people in different countries.

But that’s not all!


I love teaching, as it allows me to share my years of professional and academic experience. I have taught at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and currently teach at Singularity Colombia and various accelerator programs.


Additionally, I co-created the Childtech Challenge with a group of leaders, aiming to accelerate social impact focused on childhood.

Furthermore, I have hands-on experience in raising several million dollars in angel, venture capital, and philanthropic funding

Beyond my work…

In addition to my work in entrepreneurship and supporting other entrepreneurs, I find mindfulness to be a vital moment of self-connection

I have participated in silent meditation retreats and learned various mindfulness practices in communities around the world.

The most gratifying part is my daily practice. I also write down my thoughts by hand. Yes, on paper! The analog approach never loses its magic.

This constant practice has allowed me to discover that daily reflection and internal connection are fundamental bases for having clarity, making good decisions, and moving forward quickly.

By working together, you will gain access to reflection tools that will enhance your ability to lead more effectively and authenticall

Would you like to explore working together?